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The Ways of the Rich and Famous

As we walk through the Victorian Age, we can clearly see that the rich and famous had the best of life at this time. They owned all of the businesses, the men as well as the women were well educated. They lived in the some of the most glamourize homes with the finest of furniture inside it. This elite group of people had their own society and they socialized within their circle. They really looked down on the less fortunate people and treated them very badly. With all of this being said, the wealthy was responsible for the economic growth in America. With all of their wealth, they brought industries into the United States and this led to the poor having a job. The jobs they provided did not have the best of working conditions and the wages were very little. The poor struggled to pay their bills and put food on the table for their families. Even though this was the rising age of technology, the poor could not afford to attend classes to better themselves. On the other hand, the middle class society had some education and some knowledge of how to operate within this age, but they were not paid on the scale of what they were really worth. The owners took complete advantage of the middle class workers. The owners knew the blue collars people were hard workers, and they knew the harder the middle classed people worked the more money they (the owners) would make. (explain on words 100 words)

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