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• For this assignment, you will be putting together a presentation of your business plan. The submission format is a pre-recorded presentation.

Assignment Details

•    Please keep the presentation to 5 to 8 minutes as it will be timed and there will be point deductions for going over the time limit. 

• Please be sure that your presentation includes the information on the below listed slides. 

• Pictures work well but if you use text, the text of each slide should be in short, bulleted points. Whole sentences are rarely needed. 

• Put no more than 3-5 bulleted points on a slide. 

• If using a narrated Keynote or PowerPoint, after moving to a new slide, try to wait about 5 seconds before speaking. This helps to keep the narration in sync.

12 Slides

Generally, these 12 slides should work in most business situations although you are allowed to vary as needed for your business. 

Remember that the slides should just contain pictures or bullet points, basically to remind you what to say. The detail will come from your narration.

1. Title Slide: your company’s name, a short company description, and your name. You can also include your company logo here.

2. The Opportunity: what is the current market problem or opportunity?

3. Your Company and Solution: a short description of your company, what do you do, and how you solve the problem or meet the opportunity.  

4. The Target Market: who is your target market and how large is it. Be sure to cite the sources of your information in regards to market size. 

5. The Competition: who is your competition and what is your competitive advantage.

6. Management and Operations: who is your team, why are they qualified, and in what type of facilities will the business operate out of.

7. The Marketing Strategy: how do plan on marketing your company and measuring the results.

8. The Timeline: when do you expect to reach key milestones.

9. Financials: a brief summary of key points from the financials. Be sure to include a summary of three years sales and profit numbers as well as the major revenue sources and expenses. 

10 Funding: how much are you asking for, in what form (debt vs. equity) and how will the funds be used.

11. Investment Opportunity: What return is being offered and what are the potential exit strategies.

12. Conclusion: wrap-up and thank the investors for their attention.

1) Introduction and Company Overview

How clearly is the market problem or opportunity presented? Is the business clearly described along with how it solves the market problem or meets the market opportunity?

2) Target Market and Competition

How clearly is the target market described along with the size of the market and the supporting references (ex. Census Bureau etc.)? Who is the competition and how well does the presenter describe their competitive advantage?

3) Management, Operations, and Marketing

How well does the presenter describe the key company personnel and why they are qualified to bring this business to fruition? Are the overall operations clearly described? Are key milestones stated? Does the presenter describe how the company will be marketed as well as how the results will be measured? 

4) Financials

Does the presenter show three years of sales and profit/loss? Do the numbers add up? Do the sales numbers seem achievable? Are major revenue sources and expenses listed? Does the presenter clearly state how much in funding they are looking for as well as how much they are offering in return?

5) Overall Layout

Does the business plan contain all the required elements? Is it well organized and free from grammar and spelling errors? Does the presenter stay within the time limit?

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