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Guidance for your response paper

U.S. History 2010, Fall 2021

Dr. Thompson

Response/Argument Paper –

You will be assigned one of the following five topics. Each topic presents a “skewed” question or opinion. The type that you should have a response to, but your response must be an educated and informed response. Here are the options:

Choose one

Q1) The Native American groups were unable to cope with the arrival of Europeans and therefore in nearly all cases were taken advantage of and quickly dominated.

Q2: The original English colonial settlements were all nearly disastrous and ended in failure or near failure because of the English lack of planning and preparation.


Q3) The Spanish New World Empire clearly enjoyed better organization and support than any of the other New World Empires and therefore was the best of all of these Empires.

Q4) The French perpetrated many crimes against the English settlers leading to and during the French and Indian War and the innocent English had no choice but to fight back.

The paper must be three pages, double spaced, with a separate page for endnotes and bibliography. In the response you must include your opinion based on historical evidence and historically accurate information from your source.

You must use 4 sources, 1 must be your textbook, 1 must be a journal from JSTOR, and all must be academic sources. Use JSTOR or EBSCO to help find sources, you may NOT use Wikipedia, blogs, encyclopedias, dictionaries, or most online sources.

Format: Chicago Manual of Style, endnotes, Arabic numbers, Times New Roman, 12 Point font, double spaced. Your name and class should appear on the first two lines at the top left and be single spaced. Double space down after that and center your title. Double space down again and indent for your first paragraph. Do not change margins to create a paper that is artificially longer and remove the EXTRA SPACE BETWEEN PARAGRAPHS.

Flow: Begin with a strong introduction. What is your intention, what are you going to do, how are you going to do it. Then follow up with a body that proves or demonstrates exactly what you said you were going to do. Typically each paragraph should provide one point that supports your intention or argument. This is the body and should take up the majority of the paper. Finally, make a strong conclusion, wrap it up. Do not make any new arguments in the conclusion, rather show me that you know what you were talking about in the paper, have proven or supported your overall argument, and can bring it all together and wrap it up.

Grammatical Mistakes to avoid: run-ons, fragments, typos, misspellings, one sentence paragraphs, one paragraph pages, commas, semi-colons, colons, and/or-it needs to be one or the other, but not both.

Style errors to avoid: do not use contractions, making inappropriate remarks-that do not pertain to the paper or book, word repetition-use different words, word choice-use better vocabulary, make sense-sometimes sentences just do not make sense, short choppy sentences should be combined, wordiness-using a lot of space to say something simple-one hint that you are doing this is if you use the words very or most a lot. Be precise and clear in your writing.

Due date: NO Later than September 30 11:59 P.M. CT. Late papers will not be accepted.

Submission method: Dropbox on D2L. NO hard copies will be accepted.

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