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I would like to know if anyone could assist with a persuasive speech?

Persuasive Speech

Worth 20% of your Final Grade
6-8 minutes (Pay particular attention to time)

You are expected to demonstrate your knowledge of preparing and presenting a
Persuasive Speech with the goal of creating, reinforcing, or changing people’s
beliefs or actions. Persuasive speakers take on the role of promotor or proponent,
advocating a particular view on a topic they want their designated audience to
adopt. As a persuasive speaker, you will need to become an expert on your topic
and you will need to argue for a specific position you want the audience to
accept. Persuasive speakers voice and clear position on their topic, whereas
informative speakers remain neutral.

What’s needed?

 A minimum of 8 outside sources
The sources must be cited in your speech. The sources must be
included on your outline and Works Cited Page

 Visual aid (PowerPoint or a poster)

 Speaking outline that includes:
o Introduction (Gain attention, reveal the topic, establish credibility,

preview of main points)
 Your Introduction paragraph can be in full sentences

o Body (Provide 2-5 main points)
 The body of your speech can be in short phrases

o Conclusion (Signal ending, recap main points, refer back to your
attention device)

 Your conclusion paragraph can be in full sentences
o Works Cited Page

**Don’t forget to add transitions between the Introduction, Body,
Conclusions, and each main point!

 Complete Sentence outline that includes:
o Introduction (Gain attention, reveal the topic, establish credibility,

preview of main points)
 Must be in full sentences

o Body (Provide 2-5 main points)
 Must be in full sentences

o Conclusion (Signal ending, recap main points, refer back to your
attention device)

 Must be in full sentences
o Works Cited Page

Name Date Persuasion Class Period

Foster to Adopt

General Purpose: To Persuade Specific Speech Purpose: To persuade my audience to considering adopting a child through the foster care system because it would lover the percentage of child trafficking victims, it would lower the drug usage, and it’s a more affordable option for adopting a child.


Attention Getter: Joyce Maguire Pavao, founder of the Adoption Resource Canter, said, “Adoption is not about finding children for families, it’s about finding families for children.”

Reason to Listen: Adoption can be extremely intimidating to people wishing to adopt due to the high monetary cost and overwhelming legal and paper work that has to be done. However, fostering to adopt would not only lessen child human trafficking, substance abuse, but also provide families an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child at a reasonable cost.

Credibility: I have wanted to adopt since I was about 13 years old. Although, I haven’t adopted yet, my husband and I have had the privilege of fostering for about one year, and plan to “foster to adopt” after I graduate college.

Statement of Intent: Good afternoon class, today I will persuade you to consider adopting a child through foster care because it would lower the percentage of child human trafficking victims, lower drug abuse, and it is an affordable option for adopting a child


(First, adopting a child through a foster home helps reduce child trafficking.)

I. Reduces the percentage of child trafficking

A. Evidence: According to The International Labour Organization, there are 40.3 million

victims of human trafficking globally – 25% of those are children. In 2017, an estimated 1 out of 7 endangered runaways reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children were likely child sex trafficking victims; furthermore, 88% of those were foster children.

B. Explanation: Traffickers prey upon the vulnerability of foster children. Traffickers promise them love and shelter as a way of manipulating them into acts of slavery. Traffickers, pimps, and exploiters have no fear of punishment because they rely on the lack of attention that occurs when these young people go missing. There are no Amber Alerts, no posters, when youth from the foster care system disappear. Many children “age out” of the system and are left to make it on their own and unfortunately get caught up in human slavery. By adopting a child from a foster home, will help reduce the increasing statistics of child trafficking.

( Secondly, adopting a child through a foster home helps reduce the chance of drug abuse.)

II. Reduces the percentage of drug usage

A. Evidence: Drugrehab

.com says children from unstable households are more likely to participate in substance abuse. Adoption is permanent – no more moving from home to home. According to factors such as nurturing parents and a strong school environment allows healthy development and lessens the risk of substance abuse.

B. Explanation: My foster child’s mother was a foster child herself. She began doing drugs at a very early age and had already lost two other children previously, making my foster baby her third. Her experience in the foster care system was not ideal and a lot of unsupervised time unfortunately led her down the path of alcohol and drug abuse cultivating a vicious cycle for this family. As a foster parent, I’m not trying to cast a bad light on foster parents. It is just the foster care system has an abundance of children bouncing around from home to home creating an unstable environment. Adoption is permanent – no more moving from home to home. Thus, providing a stable environment through permanent adoption, something that foster families might not be able to provide in a system laden with problems, will help lower the risk of substance abuse.

(Lastly, adoption through foster care is a more affordable option.)

III. Adoption is more affordable when facilitated through the foster care system.

A. Evidence: Adoption through a private agency is often avoided because it comes with a hefty price tag. says domestic and international adoption cost between $20,000 – $40,000. According to, when adopting through foster care, there are little to no fees because these adoptions are funded by the state. If out of pocket expenses do arise, many can be reimbursed through the federal or state programs once the adoption is finalized. Children adopted through the foster system are provided state paid healthcare, and parents also receive ongoing financial assistance each month until the child is eighteen.

B. Explanation: While agencies are making great strides in helping place children in adoptive homes, so many other children are missing out simply because of the stigma around the cost of adoption. Many families claim they would love to adopt, but never do so because of the expenses involved. Adopting a child through the foster care system is a much more affordable option.


Transitional Sentence: In conclusion, fostering to adopt would not only lessen child human trafficking, substance abuse, but also provide families an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child at a reasonable cost.

Briefly Summarize: Most everyone in this room is still quite young and probably won’t be signing up for fostering anytime soon. That’s ok; but I do beg of you, when the time comes to being your family planning, consider the young boy who longs for a dad to toss a football with him or the beautiful young girl that wants a mommy to kiss away her bad dreams at night.

Memorable Statement: Giving children a fair chance to achieve their dreams is possible if only people would consider to adopt through the foster system. Thank you.

Works Cited

Heesch, Jessica. “Why Adoption is Not about Finding Children for Families.” September 02, 2018.

Medefind, Jed. “Human Trafficking & Orphans: The 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report.

Principles of Adolescent Substance Use Disorder Treatment: A Research-Based Guide. Accessed April 20, 2018

The Facts. Accessed April 20, 2018

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Blue Campaign: What is Human Trafficking? Accessed April 10, 2018

“How Much Does Adoption Cost?” Accessed April 20, 2018

What is the Cost of Adoption from Foster Care? Accessed Apriil 10, 2018


Date of speech

Type of Speech (Informative/Persuasive)


General Purpose: To inform or persuade

Specific Purpose: To inform or persuade my audience about__________________________________.


Attention Getter: Be sure to grab your audience’s attention in a creative and exciting way. Quotes,

unusual facts, hypothetical stories, amazing statistics are all examples of possibilities for your opening.

Reason to Listen: Try to think of some way of connecting the audience to the topic. Why should they

connect or listen to your speech.

Credibility Statement: Why have you chosen this topic? Do you have any association with this topic?

Are you able to express that you are an experienced person or an expert in this field? Do you know

someone who has experienced this situation? There are many ways of tying yourself into the speech


Statement of Intent: Last sentence of Intro paragraph. Responsible for introducing speech topic and

previewing main points. Be clear. Be direct. There should be no misunderstanding as to what is your

topic and main points.

(Transition – 1st signpost) This statement should help tie together the introduction with the main body

of the speech. This statement should be written out and introduces first main point.


I. First Main Point: Be sure to write only one, simple, direct sentence which preferably

incorporates parallel structure with each of the other main points.

A. Subpoint: This part may be written in phrases. Be sure to identify your materials with

proper citing.

B. Subpoint: Remember, when there is an “A” there must be at least a “B”

(Transition – 2nd signpost) This statement introduces second main point. Tie each main point to the

next by reviewing and emphasizing the skeleton of the speech.

II. Second Main Point: Again, a full, direct, concisely phrased sentence preferably in parallel

form with the other main points is recommended.

A. Subpoint: ___________________________

B. Subpoint: ________________________________

(Transition – 3rd signpost) This statement clearly identifies 3rd main point. It is important to introduce

each main point so that the audience knows where you are and where you are headed – psychological


III. Third Main Point: A full sentence that identifies speaker’s goal of expressing 3rd idea to be

covered in detail.

A. Subpoint:___________________________________________________

B. Subpoint:____________________________________________________


Transitional Sentence: Sentence should start with a transitional phrase that indicates speech is coming

to an end and then repeats main points and topic.

Summary: Write at least 2-3 sentences that summarizes that body of the speech. Review the facts of

what you have already mentioned in the Body of your speech. Never end by saying, “I told you about

such and such.” Repetition is necessary in oral presentations. Never forget the listening problems all

audiences experience.

Memorable Statement: Here is your last chance to have the audience meet the purpose and objectives

of your speech. Often a startling statement, quote, finish the rest of the story you started with, updated

statistics, or any other form of attention getter/memorable statement techniques can help keep the

message of the speaker in the minds of the listeners long after the speech is over. Just don’t drop off

and stop suddenly. There is a rhythm to a speech. By the end, everyone should know it is the end – this

is what we call psychological unity. Vocally you slow down, become emphatic, and prepare the listener

for the last, memorable thoughts.

Works Cited

Follow standard MLA style for you citing throughout the outline as well as in the Works Cited page.

Always cite all sources that are incorporated in the speech both orally and on the outline. All sources

need to be properly identified in MLA format on the Works Cited page that were used as reference. The

web address of Visual Images will be included on the Works Cited page as well. It is proper to list the

Visual Images in the order they were presented in your speech.

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