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 I want to write a good resume and cv for admission of doctorate . please find the attached files that was for admission of master degree. it could be useful.

keep in mind that I am interested in research in finance in public administration 

you know that resume and cv is huge important to get admission in doctorate .


Statement of Purpose

My name is …………. , and I came to the United States to pursue my professional and educational ambitions. These include studying the English language and preparing for my Master’s degree. I am from the ……………….. . English is not my first language, though I did take English language courses at the University of…….… , and I have been studying the English language for a year here in the United States. I am researching for Master’s programs of Public Administration that are offered by various universities in the…………..

I found the School of Public Administration at ……….…….. is ranked very high nationally, and the school offers a flexible learning environment. This high ranking, along with the flexibility of online and on-campus learning are the principle reason that has attracted me to the Public Administration Master’s program. Another factor in my decision to apply ………………. is the impressive and extensive list of employers and job titles of the graduates of the M.P.A. program. I noticed that many graduates are in or come from the same professional background as mine. For example, I saw many job titles that belong to local, state, and federal government entities: these mirror my current position as a Procurement manager, at a national university in my country. I firmly believe by selecting the nationally ranked M.P.A. program at ……………… – along with its flexible offerings of classes, and substantial list of employers and positions – I will be assured of achieving my future educational and professional goals.

My goal is not only to study Public Administration, but to specialize in management. My reasoning behind my choice is that I discovered my abilities and skills at organizing and leading at a very young age. During my school years, I constantly volunteered to arrange school trips and celebrations as a member of our student affairs councils. I not only assisted in the planning of events, but also lead the planning committees. These experiences of leading and planning, led to my career and educational choices after high school.

Despite my enthusiasm for learning and plan to continue my academic studies, it became necessary to seek employment immediately after graduating high school because of family circumstances. I began my employment at the …………. Company (Ltd.) working in the general administration section in 2001. In 2003, I took a position at ………….. as an assistant manager in the Personnel Department and stayed for three years. In 2008, I accepted a position as a member of the Human Resources Committee at………….. In 2009, I began my career in middle management at ………………, first as a purchasing accountant, then as a purchasing manager. In 2014, I was promoted to director of procurement, with a membership on the …………’s Permanent Committee of Opening Competing Bids.

Experiencing these professional advancements, especially the last three, made me realize that if I were to keep advancing in my career, my high school education would not be enough. This realization also awoke a long-standing desire of learning and self-development that had been set aside because of family obligations. I fervently committed myself to studying for my Bachelor’s degree part-time due to my employment. At the …………….., I majored in Public Administration and earned various professional certifications.

Since earning my professional certifications and a Bachelor’s in Public Administration, I have expanded my professional and personal ambitions. I decided to study the English language in the U.S to experience and learn more about American culture. These short-term goals will ultimately benefit my long-term objectives of continuing my studies for a doctorate in the same field. They will also help to further career opportunities in upper management, either in my current organization, or in other …………. government or private entities.

To fulfill these ambitions, I am applying to …………….. M.P.A program, as the first phase in my personal and professional self-development. Based upon the program’s distinguished national ranking, convenience of the flexibility in course scheduling and location, and especially, strong recommendations from current students and past graduates, it’s my fervent belief that I, my family, and ultimately, my country will be the beneficiaries of my academic tenure here.

My name is …..

address …………

Unit #…..

city, state ……….

Cell (202)… …. ….


Summary of Qualifications:

· 15 + years Administrative experience.

· 3 + years Mgmt. experience.

· Committee Member: HR and Competitive Bids.

· Proficient in Excel and Word.

· Strong negotiation and collaborative skills.

· Certificates of Appreciation : ……………


· Master of Public Administration GPA: 3.8

Specialization : Budgeting and Fiscal Administration Dec 2019

· B.A. in Public Administration GPA: 3.3 May 2013

· Project Management Professional Course (PMP) May2012

· Government Accounting Computer Applications May 2010

· Banking Insurance Mar2010

· Purchasing System Government Suite Dec 2009

· General Competitive Bids Jun 2009

· (20) training workshops in different cities and entities In My country .

Employment Experience:

· Procurement Manager Jun 2014 – Present

· Purchasing Manager Nov 2012 – Jun 2014

· Purchasing Accountant Feb 2009 – Nov 2012

· Asst. Manager: Personnel Aug 2003 – Feb 2009

· Asst. Manager Jul 2001 – Jul 2003

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