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3-1 Discussion: Business Model Canvas

Discussion Topic

Task: Reply to this topic

Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Think about the information you will need to create your business model using the nine segments of the business model canvas (BMC). Also keep in mind that for your elevator pitch in Milestone One, you will need to include at least a few of these segments.

Then, in your initial discussion post, address the following:

· Which of the segments do you think you can complete immediately?

· Which segments do you think might need more work?

· Are there any factors or segments you had not considered so far? Which ones? Explain.

In your response to two peers, address the following:

· Provide at least one specific idea or recommendation to help them address the problem areas in their model.

· Share any suggestions or tips that you found helpful when researching or working on your business idea.

To complete this assignment, review the 
Discussion Rubric

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