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I need help creating a 2 page educational brochure answering the following questions about hashimoto. I need it done within 2 hours.

A. Disease: Hashimoto

B. Create

a. Create a brief fact sheet that could be given to patient/family members of those with genetic disorders. Should be easily understood!  Put everything in your own words.

b. Include References on a separate page

C. Include

a. Classic Signs and Symptoms (20 pts)

b. Mode of inheritance/Genetic or Genomic Influence (20 pts)

c. Testing Options – diagnostic, genetic (20 pts)

d. Treatment/Management Options – medications, infusions, therapies, etc (20 pts)

e. Support groups or further education/resources available to family and patient (10 pts)

f. Format: WORD DOCUMENT ONLY  (10 pts)

i. 1-page ONLY or 2-sided Brochure type handout

ii. creative, easily understood by patients –use non-medical terminology

iii. visually appealing with graphics 

iv. Do not copy and paste pictures, graphs, etc without citin

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