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For this assignment, you’ll use the readings to think of a political issue today and
how debates around federalism impact various understandings of that issue. You’ll
find a news source online that discusses that problem and then write a substantive
paragraph in which you summarize that source (be sure to include a citation) and
explain how it connects back to debates about federalism. For example, if you are
interested in mass incarceration, you might find a source that examines the federal
prison system or federal policing agencies versus the idea of crime as a distinctly
local matter. Other issues that you might choose to write about in terms of federal
and state (or federal and local) disagreements include immigration, policing, the
COVID-19 pandemic, taxation, education, healthcare, water, climate change, voting,
or any other issue of your choosing.

Here is an example of correct citational practice and an article that would work well
for this assignment on how debates about federalism continue to shape politics

Arun Gupta, “In Portland, Questions Swirl Around Local Police’s Coordination with
Federal Officers,” The Intercept, July 24, 2020:


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