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Native American Poetry Quote Selection Practice


In a well-written essay, analyze how the poet expresses a theme. Use the poem from your presentation.

Activity Part 1:

Write a thesis statement answering the prompt as completely as you can. This statement should be under 50 words long. Remember to revisit the prompt after you have written your thesis.

Theme: What the author says about one of the common topics in Native Literature. Topic = love, Theme = love gives people the strength to do things they wouldn’t otherwise be capable of doing.

A thesis should always specify HOW, WHAT, WHY.

HOW does the poet express the theme? What poetic choice(s) do they make to accomplish this?

WHAT is the theme they are expressing?

WHY does this device successfully help the poet express this theme? Or WHY does this device affect the theme in the poem as a whole?

Activity Part 2:

Find three quotes that support your thesis statement above and list them out. Briefly explain why you chose each quote and how exactly it supports your thesis.

Quotes (line numbers)


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