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On appeal, I ask for a 100% refund on my withdraw. I am writing you this little letter. The reason I am appealing is that my grandmother recently became ill, and under the circumstances, I was forced to postpone the semester because my grandmother’s condition worsened. I have been in contact with my grandmother’s doctor, she was diagnosed with Covid, and she is already in critical condition due to her age (71 years). And since I am her close relative, I must take a flight to take care of her, since she is alone in Nicaragua and there are no relatives nearby. Taking this factor into account, it has affected me critically at the beginning of the semester since I have not been focused and I failed in my first two tests. The truth has been very hard for me since I did not want to leave the program, but in reality, I am concerned about the health of my grandmother, and I cannot stay crossed hands. He is the person who grew up in Nicaragua, and the situation is really very difficult because of everything that has been failing. I would appreciate your understanding and that you could do something so that I can have my 100% refund.

signed, dated letter explaining how the extenuating circumstances affected your ability to complete the course(s) successfully. If you continued attending any course(s) during the term, you must explain how that/those course(s) was/were not affected by your extenuating circumstances.

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