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S.W.O.T. Analysis Assignment
(20% of your final grade)
Due: Tuesday September 21st, 2021 by 11:59pm


This assignment addresses outcomes 1,4 & 5

The purpose of this assignment is to help students observe and assess how a young person’s, experiences, intersectionality & environmental factors (communities) play a role and impact on their daily development.

Your job is to observe, take note and assess levels of risk and resilience and consider how those factors impact on how our young people (and their families) navigate the various systems in their world.


· Review the film The Hate U Give by George Tillman Jr., 2018

· Utilize a copy of the SWOT Matrix (see attached) and take notes regarding the main character or character of your choices strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

· Hand in a 3 to 4-page Analysis on how each factor impacts on the young person(s) development internally (within the family home and dynamics) and/or externally (in various locations of the community and dynamics). You are required to discuss one strength, one weakness, one opportunity and one threat that has impact on the individual you are assessing. You are required to assess how that SWOT impacts on the person’s environment(s) and identify if this factor places the young person at risk or at a level of resilience.

· Students will be required to scan their notes in order to upload for submission to blackboard. You may write or type your notes, but they must be included in order to gain full marks for the assignment.

Technical Expectations:

Your Analysis MUST be typed in full APA format. (Please review Purdue Owl for APA formatting outlines). This means a title page is required, headers, page numbers and double spacing. Up to 4 marks can be lost for spelling, grammar, sentence structure and incorrect APA formatting (See rubric attached). Please be sure to attach a reference page to refer back to the film itself or other references you wish to utilize to back your statements/analysis.

Submission Requirements:

This Assignment is due at by 11:59pm on Tuesday September 21st, 2021. Students MUST submit to Blackboard on or before the date and time of the due date outlined above. Late submissions receive a 10% deduction per day.

Notes Attached

· Legible notes

· Notes are relevant to Analysis

· (2 marks)

· Not legible

· Notes are not relevant to Analysis

· (1 mark)

· There are no notes attached to Analysis

· (0 Marks)


3-4 Page Analysis

· 1 example

· provided for each Factor

· Thorough Analysis of the impact the factor has on youth’s family and community involvement

· Followed instructions for the assignment

· Strong Analysis with evidence to back

· References are used and documented to back your analysis

· (13-18 Marks)

· Missing a factor within the analysis

· Analysis requires further assessment to on youth’s impact on family and community involvement

· Analysis is missing information to support perspective

· References requires better documentation

· (8-12 Marks)

· Examples are incorrect or invalid to the film

· Analysis requires in depth assessment of the youth’s family and community impact

· Analysis requires further assessment

· There are no references backing your Analysis

· (0-7 Marks)


Up to -4 for sp. gram. Sentence structure, and APA formatting

· Spelling

· Grammar

· Sentence structure

· APA formatting

· Please Note that 10% per day is deducted for lateness

· This Assignment MUST be submitted through Blackboard (No Hardcopies will be permitted)

Final Grade


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