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Step 1: Self-Reflect – Due September 24th, 2021

STAB23 – Introduction to Statistics for Social Sciences

Submission format The submission will be done via crowdmark. Your read and reflect
should not be more than 2 pages, which half a page used to address part 2 of the assignment.

The task: You will individually select an article from Statistics Canada that surveyed the
impacts of COVID19 pandemic in Canada. Based on your selected article, your task is to
complete the following:

Part 1

� What was the purpose of the study?

� Who are the elements of the study (i.e. the subjects being studied, the population, the
sample, etc.)?

� Identify the type of data and their measurements.

� Determine the method of data collection (i.e. was it done by an online survey, via the
phone, how were the subjects sampled? Was it probabilistic sampling?)?

Part 2

You will propose one survey question similar to the ones that are asked in your chose article
that you want to ask your peers in this course. You will specify the type of data that can
be collected, and the ways in which it can be measured and analyzed. As an example if the
study is pertaining to exercise during COVID-19:

� Do you find it difficult to maintain an exercise routine during the pandemic?

� Do you feel anxious to go back to the gym during the pandemic?

Both questions can be answered either via a likert scale (i.e strong agree, agree, etc), which
is a discrete ordinal variable.

Please be mindful of the survey questions you ask. Do not come up with invasive
questions to ask your peers. Questions you feel a visceral dislike to answer may
be a good starting ground to know what not to ask.


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