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Breach-A-Norm Assignment

Write two pages essay on the following topic. The essay should incorporate answers to the following questions 1 to 5.

Topic: I chose to break a social norm by singing out loud to myself in target store.

1). What is the norm that you are breaking? How did you choose to breach this particular norm? What is the underlying value behind this norm?

2). What were the reaction of others? How did you understand the reactions sociologically?

3). What was your personal reaction to breaching the norm? What are your reflections for why this type of exercise is important?

4) Use one of the 3 Sociological Theories in Sociology (Conflict, Functionalist or Symbolic Interactionism) to explain how they would view the norm that you broke. Would they find it harmful or beneficial to society and why? Write one paragraph.

5) Sociological Analysis: Expand on your observations, analyze sociological terms from the textbook that seem relevant to the norm that you broke. Sociological terms should be highlighted in BOLD and should also include a definition of the term followed up in your own words how the term you selected relates to your experience in breaking the norm.  You must use at least 6 sociological terms in your assignment. 

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