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In the News #1

Read a major newspaper (Detroit Free Press, Detroit News, New York Times etc.) or watch the evening news and identify issues that impact nursing and can be resolved with legislative action. In 1-2 pages (size 12 font, double spaced, title page and reference page) provide a description of the news coverage and identify the news outlet. Describe the nature and severity of the problem (prevalence, who is affected (age, gender, race etc.), causes(s) and contributing factors, negative outcomes to those affected) and how legislation can resolve the problem/issue. Describe a bill that could address this issue at the state or federal level. Include at least two references. You may use authoritative websites (i.e. well known national organizations) or scholarly articles found in CINAHL. Include a title page and reference page. Be sure to review the APA sheet before submitting.

Please submit as a Word doc. (not PDF or RTF)

Letter to Legislator – 15%

Select a pending State Bill in Michigan (or the state in which you live) that would impact the health of the residents of your state.

To locate your Michigan State Senator go to: and locate your Senator by entering your address. To identify your State Representative, go to: You will find their contact information there.

Write a one-page carefully worded, persuasive business letter to your Senator or Representative (depending on whether it is a Senate bill or House bill).

1. Address the legislator by their title

1. Identify yourself as a registered nurse who resides in their district

1. Identify the pending bill you are writing about and write one or two sentences about the goal(s) of the bill

1. Make a compelling argument for or against the proposed legislation. You may cite personal experience but also include two scholarly references to defend your position. Scholarly references are obtained through nursing journals found in CINAHL. Do not use the internet to search for articles.

1. Ask them to take action and thank them for considering your viewpoint and professional experience.

1. Letters should be succinct and direct – hence the one-page limit. Unlike other papers in APA format, letters are single spaced.

1. Title page not necessary

1. Cite the references and include a reference page

To locate pending bills in Michigan, go to:

Click on bill search by category

Check health

Click “show bills

Google how to format a business letter if you don’t know how.

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