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History of Panama’s relations with the United States


Strategic events between Panama and United States

Since the independence of Panama from Spain in 1821, Panama voluntarily accepts to be part of the new great Colombia that was established by Simon Bolivar which cover Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia in 1819, a few years later in 1931 after de separation of Venezuela and Ecuador from the Great Colombia, The Panamanians desire to separate was also imminent, but Colombia did not allow this to happen. The United States plays a huge role in the separatist movements of Panama from Colombia, and here are some multiples strategic events between Panama and United States.

I. Treaties before Panamanian independence

Ø 1846 Mallarino-Bidlack treaty

Ø 1850 Clayton-Bulwer treaty

Ø 1901 Hay-Pauncenfote treaty

Ø 1903 Hay-Herran treaty 

II. California Gold Rush 

Ø The repercussion of the California Gold Rush in Panama 

1. Transit and economic impact on Panama

2. The Incident of “the watermelon slice”

III. Treaties after Panamanian independence

Ø 1903 Hay-Bunau Varilla treaty

Ø 1977 Torrijos-Carter treaty

IV.  Confrontations and Interventions 

Ø January 9th, 1964, Patriotic Gesta against U.S. Military presence in Panama

Ø 1989 Military intervention “Just Cause”

V. Conclusion 

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