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100-200 words

APA format 

Cite at least one peer-reviewed reference

Further the response to Jarvis

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Respond to the following:

Jarvis Perry

3:38 AM

Hi Classmates and Instructor,

Corporate social responsibility is an important aspect that needs to be followed by organizations in order to be considered a well-known organization. In my opinion, the top 3 benefits of being a socially responsible organization include having good brand recognition, having good financial performances, and having strong sales with customer loyalty. By being a socially responsible organization, a company will be well recognized in the community and brand recognition can help improve sales long term which results in higher profits. With higher profits comes good financial performances which allow an organization to continue growing and invests in the community which can continue to improve their social responsibility. Lastly, being a socially responsible corporation will improve loyalty from customers. Many times what customers look at is how the organization stands in the community and with that, there is an encouragement for clients to come back if it is a well-recognized organization.

The organization that I currently work for is an academic health system in a very competitive market in Memphis, Tennessee. My organization implements socially responsible initiatives by providing inclusive services to all communities including the LGBTQ communities, providing free services to those who are uninsured or lack the resources to pay for their health care, and is the highest Medicaid provider in the county. All of these initiatives make my organization a well-known organization that is known for putting patients first before profits and providing quality care.

I am a supporter of creating organizations and companies that produce in their respective countries. These high-quality products will be more expensive, however, it will enhance the economy and at the same time will provide jobs opportunity for the homeland society.

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