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please see instructions in attachment. thanks. note that the text to be studied is called “The Frog-King, or Iron Henry Fairy tale by The Brothers Grimm “linked in the assignment. I put it back here for convenience.,

Essay Assignment on Literary Critical Theory:

Once you have a pretty good idea of how literary theory (see the link of the literary theory at the bottom) can be applied to something as simple as nursery rhymes, let’s move up in the world. Select a short fairy tale (I have attached a site or find some on your own) and view it through at least three literary lenses. Please be clear in your essay as to which theories you are examining. It would help if you separate them and don’t jumble them all up together in the body of the paper. I am not saying to number them as you did in the rhyme, but make it so clear that I am not hunting all over, looking for the theories. Divide the essay into sections clearly stating the theory you are using. However, DO NOT organize the essay with headings. This is an essay with paragraphs in MLA style format.
Perhaps make it evident in your title as well.

Consider the following:

1. Don’t use the internet to look up the “true meaning” of the rhyme. This is about your thought process.
2. Take risks. What you’re interpreting and how you’re interpreting it may sound wacky. That’s okay. It may be wacky, but you have to start breaking down boundaries. Sometimes there are rights and wrongs with theory, but not for this exercise—everything is right (it’s like brainstorming).
3. Really, you cannot do badly on this paper unless you don’t follow the directions or if you don’t do it at all. Be creative!

When you have completed your ideas, write up a brief analysis of your discoveries following the below directions.

You will need:
· a title for your paper

· an introduction that explains a little about the story and a conclusion that sums up your findings.

· You will also need a brief thesis at the end of the introduction. If your introduction is two paragraphs, put it at the end. If it is one paragraph, put it at the end.
Underline it

· Then include a brief analysis of your discoveries following the formatting directions below:

· Type your paper, double space, use a 12 font, and MLA heading (left), 1000-1500 words (or 3-4 pages)

· Include the MLA heading in written form (see above resource) and title of your paper.

· Do not include plot summary in your findings on theory, but do so briefly in the introduction. It would be helpful to designate the various theories by paragraphs or sections, but if you choose to integrate them into the essay without sectioning, be clear as to how you introduce each. Remember to state the title of the fairy tale as well as the author (if there is one) in your introduction.

· Use at least 3 (or more) theories (You will not get extra credit for more, but if you must include more, okay).

Fairy Tale Websites–You can use your own, but these are resources if you need them:,

Fairy Tale Paper with at least 3 theories explained: points

Helpful Hints and Points for Paper:

· Grammar and word choice are appropriate for paper (20)
· MLA Format is used for paper (20)
· Paper has an introduction, body, and conclusion, and has a thesis at the end of the introduction. (30)
· Analysis of theories are well-developed and original (60 points)
· Paper has a title, is approximately 3-4 pages, numbered top right, and uses Times New Roman size 12. (20)
· These are not necessary in the paper, but any citations from the Fairy Tale must be documented correctly in the paper.
· Try to avoid using “I” in your paper. I won’t dock you for it this time, but from this point on, we will learn how NOT to use personal pronouns in your academic papers. For example, instead of saying, “I believe (think, feel) that Jill is an peasant helping Jack, who is a prince,” you can simply say Jill is an peasant helping Jack, who is a prince.” I know you feel that way because it is in your statement. Here is a helpful website on this concept:

link of the literary theory

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