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Was Sam Walton [Walmart] an Entrepreneur? If yes, Why? If not, Why Not??

I believe YES he was an Entrepreneur here are some of my reasons:

1. Vision – Dreaming until the idea is less vague and clearer. Walt Disney was a dreamer and fixated on using the latest technologies in his movies. An example is the use of Technicolor in his films that led him to win his first Academy award in 1932. In the course of his career, Walt won over 20 personal awards (Mary, 2018). His most famous saying “all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

2. Passion – Persistence & Believing in yourself -Making a roaring fire from a kindle. Walt went on to create some of the most famous iconic figures in the world including Mickey Mouse, Goofy and others. Only a passionate person about their work can successfully create such iconic figures.

3. Optimism – Including Devotion & Resilience to keep succeeding despite failure & challenges. He had so many failures at the beginning of his career and would have given up. Walt Disney’s successes did not come easy as distributors cheated him on returns with others stealing his characters. However, through devotion and resilience he was able to make a name for himself (Miller, 2011). He really struggled in his early years.

4. Integrity – Pitching an idea for profits is one thing but doing it to make the world a better place is another. During the Second War, Walt made numerous films for the government that led to huge losses. While other studios were profiting from the war making substandard films for diversion, Walt was more of patriot running the government’s agenda (Miller, 2011).

5. Leadership – giving credit to your team for making dreams a reality. Walt gave career opportunities to many aspiring artists while treating them fairly. In his earlier years treated the employees like family. He earned trust and admiration from his staff as he inspired them to support his vision. However, Walt’s leadership style change to autocratic in later years especially after moving to a new studio.
6. Planning – Creating a blueprint of your dream. Walt Disney’s career was well thought out. Disney world is one of the best example illustrating Walt’s blue print of his dream. Although he never got to see Disney world as it was opened after his death in 1971.

7. Curiosity – Drives a person to new doors, paths & worlds. He had a lot of curiosity quotes and it can be said that curiosity made him what he became, a famous entrepreneur (Audia & Rider, 2005). It was through curiosity that Disney was able to venture into new things like the new studio.

8. Creativity – The word “Impossible” does not exist in your dictionaries. The most successful people are those who get to do the impossible. Walt Disney is one of those who got to do the impossible in a highly competitive and unfair industry. His creativity led to the creation of iconic figures that are still famous. The desire to embrace change in the film industry contributed to his success.
9. Craziness – The good kind of crazy, having wild, outlandish ideas. The craziness led to Disney reinventing his company every time. The reinventing led to better ideas that eventually led to the success of the company.
10. Innovative – Always constantly improving, coming up with new ideas. Walt Disney is considered the most innovative entrepreneurs of his time (Audia & Rider, 2005). The fixation on the use of technology led to the use of Technicolor in animated films that led to the winning of academy awards.

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