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Multimedia project assignment of a particular issue or text we have discussed in class.
I provided the particular issue or text we have discussed in class, whichever topic you choose let me know so that I can upload the text. 
Project Ideas: From Instructor
Your goal is to connect your project to what we have learned. So, do you want to create an artistic representation of an author, a reading, a theme throughout our readings? A poster? Do you want to do something similar in a PowerPoint? How about creating a video of a reenactment from a text, or of you instructing a course on a particular author? Or taking photos as you cook something that relates to a reading or theme, then placing that information in a PowerPoint (A student in a previous British Literature course created marble-looking cupcakes to represent the character(s) of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Baking or cooking can be creative!). Did you particularly connect with one of our readings and want to explore that in a different creative way? You can! You just need to be able to somehow upload your work as a file in D2L (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, JPEG), or a link to a YouTube video. We need it in a format that people can open on their own devices. Review the rubric and instructional video for more information! 
Have you thought of the genre to use from these ones “video, film, drawing, sculpture, PowerPoint, short story, comic strip, photography, etc” for this assignment?
ENGL Literature
Multi Media Project. Worth 150 points.
For your final project you are required to create a multimedia project that focuses on a particular topic we have discussed so far in the semester. This is a creative, academic project that allows you to work within a variety of mediums rather than putting your ideas/arguments into a research essay. Instead, you will elaborate on a specific aspect of a literature topic through any creative genre: video, film, drawing, sculpture, PowerPoint, short story, comic strip, photography, etc. You can choose any genre to work within as long as you meet the requirements. In the past some of the really different projects have been: a stop motion animation with Legos, a painting or artwork, old clothes re-designed into newer clothes, a song with lyrics (performed), video mash ups, fan fiction, etc.
In addition to the creative component you will write a 3-paragraph description that accompanies the project. See details below.
Example from previous course:



The project needs to be focused on a particular issue or text we have discussed in class. For example, if you want to examine representations of gender across different texts we have read, you can create a PowerPoint that does so. Or, if you want to create a piece of artwork that depicts a character from a text, you may. If you have questions, please email me or post in the Q&A Discussion area. If you email questions, be sure to give plenty of time for response (don’t ask on the day before your project is due!).
The project needs to be creative and it needs to be created for the purposes of this class—so no double-dipping. You cannot simply re-analyze a painting you did last semester or 10 years ago. You need to create it this semester. Again, you may draw, sculpt, design, photograph, cook, write, compose, arrange, blog, write a speech, as long as it is somehow creative. You need to be able to show it somehow on D2L for everyone else to see, so offer a jpeg, PowerPoint, Word file, or YouTube link. If you need to upload a picture and do not have a digital camera talk to me (or one of your classmates) for help.
In addition to the creative part, you need to write 3 in-depth paragraphs to accompany the creative piece (50 points). After revising and editing your paragraphs, copy and paste the work in the text box of the Discussion Board in D2L.

Paragraph 1: Describe your project in detail—what it means and why you chose to go with whatever medium your project is in. For example, if you wrote a collection of poetry, explain why you went with poetry in particular. If you made a PowerPoint or a blog, explain why your project is significant in that format.

Paragraph 2: Cite text, or texts, in connection to your project that is from our course readings. Spend time developing this critical connection between your project and the written text(s). Offer quotes and page numbers.

Paragraph 3: Explain why this is a relevant project overall and what you’ve learned – how does it connect to the course, to your understanding of the text(s) and authors, etc.

bio and text by Jefferson pp. 816-820 (These are the particular issue or text we have discussed in class)
biography of Wheatley and text, pp. 420-428

Douglass’s bio and text, pp. 996-1000, pp. 1066-1069

Native American Eloquence: Negotiation and

Resistance” and readings (pp. 475-486)

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