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Submit a sample copy (and assets for engagement efforts) that is written appropriately for the digital platforms utilized in your campaign. Also include an analysis of why this approach would be effective.

Also, design a one-page return on investment (ROI) report that incorporates effective standards for measuring the outcomes of your campaign.

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Kylie Cosmetics’ Campaign Outline
Kayla Naz Taheri
COM 656
Southern New Hampshire University

Current Social Trends

There are some trends in the beauty industry that the fastest growing young brands are taking advantage of presently. The first trend is the instant fix – which is the long-standing desire for prompt fulfillment concentrating on the skincare segment. The products that allow the end-user to see speedy enhancement in bags or lines or revitalizing are mostly in this class (Trehan, 2017).
The doll look – use of substantial makeup or surgery to produce a look is more porcelain-like, charming, and impeccable. It does not seek to be ordinary looking — it’s about perfection, and it is engaged majorly in the makeup and hair businesses.
Skincare from the earth – the skin classification remains to blow up with more natural, fresh, and even food-standard products. There is a view that skin and mind are connected, and there is a link between skincare and wellness. From the direction of makeup presently, it is the opposite direction.
Customization and Personalization – this involves a new form of luxury where data and customer input is used to make products for a world of one.

The Target Audience

Regarding our brands and the cosmetics industry will choose our target audience with relevance to their location, age, and also gender. The primary audience target for us will be the women who take 88% of the entire audience. More than 50% of the audience is also at the age of 35 to 44 years old. Women above the age of 50 years also use the brands but not as much as those below. Men are also represented in the industry, but they take a small percentage of the audience.

Digital Tools for the Campaign

The digital tools that I recommended for the campaign included;
Mailchimp – has over 12 million customers, making it a top email marketing provider globally. The fact that it dates back to 2001 when a few companies used email marketing makes it more useful. It also allows support for the self-service options to ease the process of finding all the answers regarding our brands. The tool will also offer a free plan for the firms with less than 2000 subscribers and the organizations that send 12000 emails and below monthly.
Trello – this is a modern tool that offers to save time and avoid frustrations. It provides a platform where we can post blogs before publishing the final version for our target audience to attract enhancements. It will save the organization from confusion and missed messages. It is ranked as the best tool for collaboration in marketing.
Followerwonk – this tool will be useful in facilitating the process of improving Kylie Cosmetics’ social media marketing strategy. We will use it to dig into both Facebook and Twitter analytics. It will be used to find essential information, analyze the data, and also it is useful in optimization.

Brand Imaging Strategies

While creating our brand image, there several factors that we will have to put into consideration for successful brand imaging.
Identifying Key Audience – we will have to define our target audience so that we can have clearness about the target groups so that we can create an operational marketing strategy that will express directly to their distinctive needs and anxieties.
Determining critical business objectives – we will have to know where we are going before getting there. We need to identify our short and long term objectives so that we can make effective use of resources.
Defining the brand persona – we will build a brand persona that has to be simple and relevant. It should be appealing to the consumers and articulate the benefits of the products.
Develop key messaging – after the definition of the brand persona and image, we will document our key messages and align them with our audience. The keywords will be the essential takeaways (Ali, Hassan, & Fadzil, 2018).

Future Trends

The future of the industry will mainly be dependent on technology and digital platforms. The tools I have recommended will be used to capture future trends through online marketing and find information about the entire industry. They will also be employed in analyses of the customer’s wants and desires. Reaching consumers will be relatively cheaper and faster.


Ali, A. A. E. B. R., Othman, A. K., Hassan, F. H., Zainudin, M. I., & Fadzil, A. S. A. (2018). Branding strategy on economic sustainability among personal care and cosmetics customers. International Journal of Asian Social Science, 8(11), 995-1004.
Trehan, S., Michniak-Kohn, B., & Beri, K. (2017). Plant stem cells in cosmetics: current trends and future directions. Future Science OA, 3(4), FSO226.


Tools for Effective Public Relations Professionals
Kayla Naz Taheri
COM 656
Southern New Hampshire University

Tools for Effective Public Relations Professionals

The public relations profession is fairly complex and challenging. So sensitive is this area that a single mistake is likely to have adverse effects on individuals. In the face of the enormity of the challenges that the professionals encounter, a wide range of tools have been developed to help make their work easier, simple, and effective. Many of the mistakes that that public relations professionals make result from the failure to use appropriate public relations tools or improper use of the tools. From the foregoing, for public relations tools to be effective, there is a need to make sure that the tools are not only appropriate but also used effectively. The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast three modern tools for public relations and to identify one that may be used among the three.


Trello is one of the most effective tools that are currently being used for public relations that may be used by professionals to plans their activities. This tool makes it possible to create a board that clearly defines the tasks, especially where teams are involved (Rene, 2020). Some of the tasks that’ this tool can execute include planning and monitoring progress of assignments, assigning tasks, and even keeping track of the progress of the activities. Public relations professionals always have a lot of things to do, and it is highly likely that they may forget if they do not have to record these activities. One of the advantages of this tool is that it allows the public relations professional to plan tasks and make sure that no program is left behind. Another benefit of this tool is that it easy to use. An individual does not require any special skill or training to use. However, one disadvantage of this tool is that it is not appropriate for public relations professionals who are involved in big and complex projects and organizations.


BuzzSumo is a tool that may be used by public relations professionals to monitor and keep track of online conversations so that it can obtain information touching on their organizations and respond to them appropriately (Rene, 2020). One of the primary roles of public relations professionals is to monitor what other people are saying about their organization and respond to some of the issues that may arise. Thus, when people are making false accusations against an organization out of misinformation, public relations professionals will use this tool to trace the conversations and make appropriate interventions. The main disadvantage of this tool is that it compels people to spend a lot of time on computers and other mobile devices, and that may have health implications.


This tool combines software and humans skills to enhance public relations practiced by aiding the development of appropriate public relations strategy (Dmitry, 2020). The success of public relations exercise depends significantly on the robustness of the strategy being deployed. By using this strategy, it becomes possible to develop the most effective strategies for public relations practices. Thus, the benefit of this tool lies in its ability to help professionals to make good judgments on public relations practices.

Selected tool

The selected tool is BuzzSumo. With the advancement of social media, companies are increasingly finding their reputation being hit as a result of negative social media comments and engagements. It is necessary for companies to actively look out for mechanisms that will allow them to address the challenges. BuzzSumo makes it easy to trace social media conversations and respond appropriately to safeguard the reputation of the organization.


Dmitry, G. (2020). 25 PR Tools to Try: The Complete List for 2020. Retrieved from
Rene, C. (2020). 18 PR Tools to Improve Your Brand Performance. Mention. Retrieved from

COM 656: Sample Copy-ROI Guidelines and Rubric

Overview: Clients need to know that the voice, perhaps the syntax, and definitely the volume of words that a PR professional will use in Facebook (a lot more space)
will not be the same as what he or she intends to use in Twitter, versus what they may send to someone via LinkedIn (some space, but many users have been shown
to not have an abundance of time).

Clients also need to know that a comparable message will be sent across all social media channels and digital platforms and, ideally, that a collectively unified result
is going to be achieved—that there will be more business and increased sales, or at least that the relevant people know the date, time, and location of a particular
event. Beyond communicating information differently with the assistance of multiple social media tools is the paramount fact the clients really want to know that
even using such tools is worth their time, money, and efforts. For this milestone, therefore, you will draft a return on investment (ROI) report.

Prompt: Submit a sample copy (or assets for engagement efforts) that is written appropriately for each of the digital platforms used in your digital media
communications PR campaign. For example, if your campaign platforms include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, then begin by creating a campaign message
post. Since each of these platforms have different dynamics/audiences/best practices, you will most likely need to alter the post copy you create slightly for each
platform. Next, include an analysis of why this approach would be effective for each platform. Also, design a one-page ROI report that incorporates effective
standards for measuring the outcomes of your campaign. This can include specific dashboard tools and/or other metrics to demonstrate campaign success and

Guidelines for Submission: Double-spaced Word document, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, APA format, three to four pages in length (not
including title page and references).


Critical Elements Exemplary (100%) Proficient (90%) Needs Improvement (70%) Not Evident (0%) Value

Sample Copy Meets “Proficient” criteria, and
sample copy is precise and

Sample copy is written
appropriately for the digital
platforms identified in the

Does not sufficiently create an
appropriate sample copy

Does not include a sample copy 30

Effectiveness Meets “Proficient” criteria, and
analysis is thorough

Includes a well-developed
analysis on the effectiveness of
the sample copy

Does not sufficiently analyze the
effectiveness of the sample copy

Does not include effectiveness 30

Measurement of
Outcomes (ROI


Meets “Proficient” criteria, and
proposed methods are highly

Proposes methods for measuring
campaign outcomes

Does not propose sufficient
methods for measuring campaign

Does not design a one-page ROI 30

Articulation of

Submission is free of errors
related to citations, grammar,
spelling, syntax, and organization
and is presented in a professional
and easy-to-read format

Submission has no major errors
related to citations, grammar,
spelling, syntax, or organization

Submission has major errors
related to citations, grammar,
spelling, syntax, or organization
that negatively impact readability
and articulation of main ideas

Submission has critical errors
related to citations, grammar,
spelling, syntax, or organization
that prevent understanding of


Total 100%

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